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How to be a Good Teammate

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

What does being a good teammate mean to you? Is it just about putting up a lot of points, getting shutouts or scoring the most goals? Or is it making sure everyone on your team is in the group chat and included in the card games on the bus, bringing a positive and happy aura with you to the rink every day. Maybe, it's making sure a teammate is doing okay after a tough game or bad day at school. Maybe the goalie that isn't starting that night cheers on the one that is in the net and doesn't sulk on the bench and become a distraction.

A TEAM is when everyone is pulling on the same rope, binding together for the common goal. Holding each other accountable for the little things like picking up tape that's left on the dressing room floor and putting it in the garbage. Putting your towels in the laundry bin for your equipment manager so he or she doesn't have to pick up your used wet rag you decided to leave behind. Everyone in the dressing room has a responsibility to be a good teammate.

“Strome on Fleury: "I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone have as much fun on the ice as that guy. … He’s loud, he’s yelling, he’s happy. It’s fun to be around. It gives you that confidence boost when you’re on the ice and you hear him cheering for himself after he makes a save.””

Marc Andre Fleury, goaltender for the Minnesota Wild has been said to be the best teammate players have ever had throughout their careers. Time and time again, every team he goes to his teammates always say the same thing. What makes him great on and off the ice? Aside from his play, he's always joking around in the dressing room, setting guys up with pranks and keeping it light. Being an NHL player has its share or pressure and when you have a top player on your team that's always happy and positive it rubs off on everyone else.

The Glue All Teams Need

You may have heard the saying, "he's a glue guy" but what does that mean exactly. A "glue guy or girl"is essentially the bind that keeps teams together through their attitude on and off the ice. They are the ones everyone turns to when they all need some comic relief or a sounding board after the coach ripped them for a bad turnover. These types of players will ALWAYS get contracts regardless of how many points or shutouts they get. The best part of it all is its 100% controllable. Meaning, everyone has a choice and ability to be that type of person day in and day out at the rink. At the end of your career most people will never remember the save you made on a Tuesday night in some run down arena but they will remember how you treated them every day.

Have fun, be a good person and hey.. your teammates might block more shots for you.

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